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Date(s) - 23/03/2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

AUC Falaki Theater & Gallery


Carnivorous is full of dark humour and looks unflinchingly at the absurd sides of our everyday lives.

Type: Theatre
Duration: 55 mins
Language: Arabic with English subtitles

By: Issam Bou Khaled in Collaboration with Sarmad Louis
Performed by: Issam Bou Khaled, Bernadette Houdeib and Said Serhan
Text by: Issam Bou Khaled and Said Serhan

Carnivorous opens with a couple living a dull, yet comfortable existence in the city. The days are monotonous and blend into one another. Insignificant conversations are repeated in a loop: one worries about the children and about life. But suddenly a small piece of news blows up the couple’s lives and ignites their relationship on all levels, leading to the discovery of a new meaning of eternal happiness.

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EGP 30
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