Emerging Arab Choreographers

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Date(s) - 25/03/2018
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

AUC Falaki Theater & Gallery


Emerging Arab Choreographers Curated by Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi


The Absentee (Egypt)

Type: Contemporary Dance
Duration: 35 mins
Language: English with Arabic subtitles

By: Aly Khamees
Dancers and Performers: Amany Atef, Aly Khamees, Nicole Roerick & Salma Salem

The Absentee tackles the issue of lost faces, the forgotten, overlooked people, the ones we see everyday, the ones we take for granted. It explores the human element, the missing links and unsaid words caused by fear, distance, love, and death.


Utopia (Egypt)

We are the heirs of knowledge;
We are the heirs of passion;
We are the heirs of the pursuit of wisdom.

Type: Contemporary Dance
Duration: 30 mins
Language: Arabic with English subtitles

By: Nagham Salah
Performers: Mounir Said (Dancer), Mouna Gameel (Dancer), Ahmed Azmi (Dancer) & Dalia Fakhr (Actress)

Our minds are constantly working. We embody a relentless search for the right road. We seek satisfactory answers to questions that may not even have an answer, but utopia shows up at our doorstep in moments when we gather our thoughts. Centering our ideas, however, does not prevent questions from originating within our minds, because after all, we are the heirs of the pursuit of wisdom.


I Listen, (You) See (Tunisia)

I Listen, (You) See is the tension between rough and rhythmic and the beauty of the unspectacular.

Type: Contemporary Dance
Duration: 30 mins

Concept & Performance: Hamdi Dridi

I Listen, (You) See is built on a choreography that centers on the interaction between sound and movement and the possibilities to transform daily sounds and movements in all their scope into dance. Inspired by the labourers in his native Tunisia, Hamdi Dridi uses the fusion between the rough movements of the worker’s body and the artistic movement of the dancer’s body to create a free and elusive space beyond time and place.

Partners: Théâtre national Tunisien, Bonlieu scène national Annecy, Ballet National de Marseille, Montpellier Danse.


Wojoud Wa Hodoud (Jordan)

Type: Contemporary Dance
Duration: 40 mins

By: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh
Performers: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh and Anas Nahleh

Wojoud Wa Hodoud is a duet dance creation by two Arab artists, driven by an embrace of the multi-identity of their nature, and a reconciliation of their feelings toward their complex heritage. The performance reflects a struggle of assimilating into different cultures, finding equilibrium between them, and balancing these identities within. Wojoud Wa Hodoud also explores the idea of ‘authenticity’ in relation to dance in the age of globalization and continuous evolution.

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